Most people will spend less than 90 seconds on a business website. The best way to extend this time is to draw interest, engage viewers and tell your story. Use our Corporate Videos to draw your customers in, hold their attention and inform them about your business. Whether you are branching into a new market or updating your brand, a video can make all the difference!

Basic Interview Package
One shoot day
up to 3 interviews
3-4 minute video
Silver Interview Package
two shoot days
up to 5 interviews
5-7 minute video
Gold Interview Package
four shoot days
unlimited interviews
8-10 minute video
Will any other footage apart from the interviews be filmed?

Yes! We will film B Roll of your office/work activities to fill the video while the interviews play underneath. These will be filmed during the shoot days in your package.

Can I use a teleprompter?

Absolutely. Teleprompters are quite common. We'll use a reflective teleprompter so it will seem like you are talking to the camera.

How long does an interview take?

Depends a bit on the subject matter and interviewee, but around 45 minutes.